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WELCOME: Bienvenue

Find your own balance.

I'm here to help you reconnect to your vitality and energy, in order to live a fulfilled life and to reach your goals!

WELCOME: Contact

Reconnect to yourself & Find your own Balance 



I can organize naturopathy workshops and yoga classes in your company. 
I love to talk about health, vitality through any topics such as stress management, sleep, nutrition, how to prevent burn out, etc.

I also offer some yoga sessions and I always adapt the intensity according to your needs.

Let's work together.

Work with me

Self-care &
Reconnection to oneself

1-1 coaching 

Through this 1 to 1 coaching, I'm holding space for you. 

So you can find your mind-body alignment and connect to your true self.

Find peace, clarity and perfect balance within yourself.

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Get in Touch.
Fill up your details and I will be in touch soon or reach me directly on my mobile or e-mail

Merci pour votre envoi !

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