I'm Marie

Thanks for being here!

I want to share my energy with you and to make you feel better!

After being a Parisian for several years, I am now based in London.

I have explored several areas such as European law (master degree) and journalism (bachelor degree), but I was always looking for this feeling of alignment. 

That's why I decided to focus on a thing that truly resonates: wellbeing. 

I am currently training in Holistic Health @Vitali France. I chose this school for its holistic approach and its philosophy, based on the 'auto rejuvenation power' of the body. 

I never stop learning and always will. I read books and I am curious about anything related to health, self-development, energies, and yoga benefits.

I have trained in India, for several weeks, to become a yoga teacher.

I deeply realised day after day that I wanted to transmit and to connect with people.

Health and wellbeing have always been a priority in my life.

I think that is the pillar to build anything else and to reach your goals.

I am also convinced that a healthy lifestyle can be fun and free of any frustrations.

If you are healthy, you should do your best to allow your body and mind state to thrive.
Your body is always communicating with you, through health and through sickness... 

All we have to do is to listen to whatever it has to say.

I can help you build the habits needed to find true happiness and practice greater self-love by understanding the essential connection between mind and body as well as learning about self-care practices.


I can help you find your own personal routine designed to balance and boost your vital energy and connect with your mind, body, and soul.


Using a holistic approach to health, I will guide you along your own path of wellbeing which will help you feel lighter and more energized, improve digestive functions, increase immunity, manage and improve your mental health and have better sleep.

Please do not hesitate to contact me when you’re ready to take the first steps.