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1:1 Coaching

No matter what's going on in my life, self-love is always the answer.

Whenever you feel lost, lonely, overwhelmed, abandoned, stressed, or simply tired, the solution lies in connecting to yourself, your body sensations, and your senses.

Celebrating yourself is the best remedy! How can you do that? I'm here to guide you through different practices of self-care such as dance, music, self-massage, yoga, connection to nature, and more...

What to expect?

  • Learning self-care rituals

  • Connecting to your body

  • Honoring your body

  • 1 gentle vinyasa yoga session

  • 1 yin yoga session

  • Guided meditation

  • Learning how to relax and to make some space in your mind

  • Learning how to speak your truth

  • Boosting your self-confidence

  • Accepting your feelings

Pricing : 300 € full package

Fleurs flottantes

Wherever you are in your life,

it's always a good time to be your priority.

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