As a health coach, my role is to listen and give you the necessary tools to allow you to eventually become completely independent in managing your health and wellbeing. Utilizing my knowledge and understanding of how the body works, I will be able to advise you on what your body needs and provide step-by-step guidance on what you can do to feel more healthy, relaxed and happy.

The Process.

  It's all about you

During the initial online consultation,

This is all about the understanding of your habits and your environment.
We will eventually discover what is your body telling you, to make the right adjustments, together.

Do you sleep well? How is your stress level? How do you eat? How is your social life? Do you feel safe? How do you breathe? What makes you feel good? Are you active? How is your digestion?

All aspects of your health are taking into consideration.




This step gives me the opportunity to understand who you are and what you would like to enhance in your life



This second step consists in understanding your habits, your environment and its impact on your health



This third step puts words into actions We are working together in building up new natural and healthy habits


Following up

We are in touch during the whole journey so we can make adjusments until you become fully independant



I am offering a free 20 minutes catch up to understand what you are looking for and to give you a chance to ask any questions you may have. 
Then you can decide if you want to go further in the coaching process with me. 

You go for it only if you feel it !

Initial Consultation

£70 | 120 min

Follow up

£40 | 45 min

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